Zwischen Interpretation und wissenschaftlicher Polemik. Traum und Traumbild im Werk des Arztes Galen

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The essay, after an overview of the theories of the dream expressed in medical texts and philosophical reflection in the Greek world, analyzes the references to the dream present in the Galenic corpus, with specific reference to the presence of this motif in the context of polemics with exponents of other medical schools. Hence on one side it is possible find Galen taking up a typically Platonic metaphorical use of onar and oneirottein to indicate, pejoratively, confused thought not founded on logos. On the other side, some passages in the corpus polemize – in the strict sense of the word – with incorrect use of the dream by physicians who were adversaries, Empirics and Methodics above all. A passage in De methodo medendi perhaps allows us to shed light on the Herophilean theory of the oneiric phenomenon, particularly as regards synkrimatikoi dreams.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2016

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