Zr-Hf fractionation during Water-Rock Interaction

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Zr and Hf are two elements having same ionic charge and similar ionic size at a given coordination number. Despite the Zr/Hf ratio is considered to be quite constant in meteorites and lithospheric rocks, seawaters collected from the surface down to varying depths of several Pacific Ocean stations reveal that the Zr/Hf ratio increases by one order of magnitude. Very recent studies have shown that, in both ground waters and lake waters, the Zr/Hf ratio is either higher or lower compared to the interacting minerals displaying a large variability in the distribution of these twin elements. In this communication the possible processes responsible for such a large fractionation are discussed but further work is needed to test the validity of these interpretations. This basic problem of scientific significance needs more attention from the water-rock interaction community.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2017


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