ZISA INCONSUETA, SCONOSCIUTA E SORPRENDENTE. Qualche precisazione intorno alla storia, alle trasformazioni e ai restauri del monumento

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As announced in the title, the volume tries to reconstruct, based on available information, about a thousand years of the troubles of the Palazzo della Zisa in Palermo. Some scholars of the past, in the heat of their research, have more or less slightly forced some interpretation, which others, however, subsequently accepted as absolute and incontrovertible truth.In conducting this analysis, the documents were analyzed and checked on time with the intention of examining the literature on the subject with a critical spirit, without prejudice and avoiding fueling misunderstandings, asking only a few questions rather than reiterating dubious certainties.Even the author's assumptions are limited to the maximum, and certainly declared, in order to clear the field of possible misunderstandings. The archives consulted and the consequent arguments allow us to have a clearer picture of the intricate events of the Palazzo della Zisa and the events that concern it.This research, certainly not conclusive, is to be considered simply as the possibility of reopening the debate on some presumed certainties that, for some time, have inhibited or interrupted further analysis on the Norman period, assuming that there is nothing more to add to as stated in the past by some masters of the history of architecture.The result of the research is the chronicle closely linked to the documentary sources inherent to a monument such as the Palazzo della Zisa, hitherto unknown and victim of various accounts far from historical truth, which requires essential corrections on many topics that have now become commonplaces.
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EditorePalermo University Press
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ISBN (stampa)978-88-5509-184-8
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2020

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