X-ray emission from fast moving shocks in the protostellar jet HH 154: a binding diagnostic of the emission mechanism

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We propose to determine the proper motion of the X-ray source associated with HH 154, the only known protostellar jet in which the X-ray emission mechanism can be studied in detail. Our numerical simulations indicate that the X-rays are produced in a fast-moving (500 km/s) post-shock region, and our HST observations show high proper motion shocked material moving at similar speed. Detection (or lack of) of proper motion of the X-ray source will strongly confirm (or falsify) our model, and constitute the basis for a general theory of X-ray emission in protostellar jets. Understanding and modeling the emission mechanism is key to assess the lifetime of the X-ray emission and thus the influence of X-ray from protostellar jets on the star (and planetary) formation process in general.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2004


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