Whiplash injure and human body balance: a force platform analysis.

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Whiplash injury is common trauma in occidental countries, its evaluation is estimatedcommonly clinically. Posturography may be used to verify body human imbalance whiplashinjury related. The aim of this study was to analyze human body equilibrium in both sexesand verify if posturographic test can be used to assess body human imbalance in subjects withwhiplash injury. We selected 41 volunteers of both sexes to analyze human body balancetrough a force platform of health subjects and subjects with whiplash injure. Recording theCentre of Pressure (CoP) movements of these groups with open and closed eyes, we foundthat in both sexes, subjects with cervical injure had a significant increase of velocity ofoscillation of CoP, with a significant increase of Shifting Length (SL) of Cop and of totalenvelop area (EA) of Cop movements on the polygon support. In both sexes the absence ofsight increased the instability of body equilibrium, with an anterior shifting of CoP onpolygon of support, compared to other group or to respective open eyes test, but manydifferences appear sex-related, depending significantly by body parameters weight andstature. Our results suggest that posturographic test can be used to assess body humanimbalance in subject with whiplash injury.
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