Welfare comunitario e riforma del terzo settore per il cambiamento sociale di comunità

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The changes taking place in Welfare in Italy, in Europe and in the worldthey are constantly on the move, and in particular in our nation following the reform of article n.118 of the constitution many have not yet grasped the epochal change of approach to social policies or the greater responsibility that the state,in fact, it recognizes the different social actors and consequently the local community in the planning of social policies, in their innovation and in their potential to be a lever for change and development. It therefore calls for a systematic comparison between theory and practice as a working method to guide action and reread the choices, desires and expectations of those working on the construction of local welfare. The analysis is developed on different levels, configuring a historical and evolutionary deepening of the social organisms recognized in Italy as the main actors in the construction of welfare community systems, as well as offering a reading background linked to the global and European changes in the post-economic welfare crisisIn particular, to accelerate the transition to a third productive sector, it is necessary to use new tools to equip the social sector with a financial infrastructure, which is currently lacking in Italy. The same task force of the G8 dedicated to the social, has proposed the use of tools such as social lending, microcredit, social impact bonds and social bonds, tools that base the remuneration of the investment on the basis of the impact generated by social policies.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteComunità imperfette: dalle dinamiche disgregative al decision making comunitario
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