Water transmission properties of a sandy-loam soil estimated with Beerkan runs differing by the infiltration time criterion

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The Beerkan method consists of a ponded infiltration experiment from a single ring inserted a small depth intothe soil. Fixed, small volumes of water are repeatedly poured into the ring to maintain a quasi-zero head on the soilsurface. According to the standard Beerkan infiltration run, a new water volume is poured on the infiltration surfacewhen the previously applied volume has completely infiltrated and the soil surface is entirely exposed to air (ta criterion).However, water could also be applied when the soil exposition to air begins (to criterion) or half the soil surface isexposed to air (tm criterion). The effect of the infiltration time criterion on determination of the water transmissionproperties of a sandy-loam soil was tested. As compared with the standard ta criterion, the two alternative criteria (to, tm)yielded higher and/or more variable estimates of soil water transmission properties. The saturated soil hydraulicconductivity, Ks, was the most sensitive property to the infiltration time criterion. However, statistically significantdifferences for Ks were not practically substantial since they did not exceed a factor of 1.7. Infiltration time effects likelyoccurred due to differences between ponding depth of water, soil water pressure head gradient, air entrapment and soilmechanical disturbance. The standard ta criterion was suggested for performing a Beerkan experiment in the field since itappears to yield the most reliable estimates of a mean value. However, the to criterion could be considered in dualpermeability soils to maintain macropores active. Factors that could appear minor in the context of an experiment canhave statistically relevant effects on water transmission properties.
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RivistaJournal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics
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