Violenza di prossimità. La vittima, il carnefice, lo spettatore e il "grande occhio"

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This publication draws its inspiration from the affirmation that, when compared to the past, gender violence is not directed at women outside the context of the actual perpetrator, but is actually directed at the female partner herself, the person with whom one shares an intimate relationship (therefore women closer-at-hand). Using specific disciplinary terminology the author defines this violence as “close-at-hand violence”, in order to underline the way in which it is perpetrated by the “closest person in the relationship of reference”. This violence is self-sufficient (1), auto-immune (2) and conflict-excluding (3). It is inserted in an oppressive and ritual context constituting the supporting basis for the relationship and defining (in the variety of modes in which it manifests itself i.e. physical, psychological and symbolic) the reciprocal identities of the participants’ roles in the violent interaction. According to the author, close-at-hand violence can only be implemented if it is ritual, like the staging of a show; it envisages both direct (involving offspring and relatives) and indirect (friends, neighbours, work colleagues) onlookers. These take on a crucial function in the actual staging of the violent performance, consenting the subjects involved in the drama to assume roles and identities lacking in actual public life. Ignazia Bartholini examines some of the main theoretical aspects of the contemporary debate regarding violence and close relationships and compares them through the events and experiences of Sicilian women as victims of violence. The qualitative research that functions as counterpart to the publication’s theoretical aspects comprises interviews carried out by the author with a cross-section of women subjected to violence, in counselling centres and protected residences in western Sicily. The last two chapters, by Roberta T. Di Rosa and Francesca Rizzuto respectively, tackle themes of violence on migrant women in the first case and the role of the press in the second, contributing most effectively to exploring further areas of research.
Lingua originaleItalian
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ISBN (stampa)978-88-204-5873-7
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2013

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Bartholini, I. M. (2013). Violenza di prossimità. La vittima, il carnefice, lo spettatore e il "grande occhio". (COMUNICAZIONE, ISTITUZIONI, MUTAMENTO SOCIALE). FrancoAngeli.