Verso un "multiculturalismo quotidiano". Radici,diaspore e pratiche educative

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Scientific reflection and political action should be oriented towards the dispersed phenomenology of a "daily multiculturalism" far from the spotlight, not hinged and unplanned, which in its ordinariness becomes both a privileged observation point for analyzing the complex (and often conflicting) intertwining of differences and identities, both a relational and political resource to claim rights, obtain visibility or more “tactically” to seize opportunities in the unexpected context in which they arise. As a historical resource, this form of multiculturalism re-appropriates a political value that includes and at the same time transcends the difference by focusing on a contextual and metacultural dimension thanks to which it becomes possible to begin to imagine the profiles of a democratic coexistence in which what matters it is not so much asking "who we are" and "where we come from" as finding out "who we can become", "with whom" and "under what conditions". A reflection is dedicated to the vital role that education, in its many fields and practices, is called upon to play in building a multicultural society.
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