Background: PAQLQ and C-ACT are standardized tool for assessment quality of life and asthma control in children.VAS (Visual Analogic Scale) is a scale for evaluation of the general wellness at the time of visit.Aim: To assess the relationships between VAS, PAQLQ and CACT in order to discriminate Controlled by Uncontrolled ones.Method: Cross-sectional study on 169 asthmatic children aged 5-11 yrs consecutively enrolled from Sept 2011 to Dec 2014 were studied. The Italian version of C-ACT and PAQLQ questionnaire were administered at baseline. Well controlled (WC) asthma and Uncontrolled/Partially controlled (UPC) resulted from C-ACT score >19 and ≤19, respectively. Total score of PAQLQ ranged from 0 (worst) to 7 (best) , resulting as mean of each domain of symptoms (S), limitation of physical activity (LPA) and emotional function (EF). Statistical analysis were performed by means of R(3.1.0).Results: 67(40%) Females and 102(60%) Males. In WC vs UPC significant differences of mean of PAQLQ total score (WC=5.54(0.82), UPC=4.56 (1.17) , p<0.0001) and VAS (WC=8.39(1.61), UPC=7.42 (2.09) , p=0.001). For WC cut-off of 5.50 of PAQLQ with a sensivity(SE) of 0.77 and a specificity(SP) of 0.58 (AUC=0.74 CI 95%=(0.66-0.82)), whereas cut-off of 7.50 of VAS with a SE of 0.54 and a SP of 0.72 (AUC=0.63 CI 95%=(0.53-0.73)) were found. Based on cut-off values, significant associations between control level and both VAS and PAQLQ.Conclusions: PAQLQ and VAS are able to discriminate the differences between subjects with WC and UPC; the lower levels of SE of PAQLQ and VAS might be related to a poor symptom perception in younger children.
Lingua originaleEnglish
Numero di pagine1
RivistaEuropean Respiratory Journal
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2015


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