Valorizzazione produttiva della biodiversità in ambiente mediterraneo: il genere Hypericum

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A thorough knowledge of the Hypericum species, addressed to their introduction inside the cropping systems as industrial or ornamental crops, implies the detailed description of the morphological and environmental plant parameters inside their wild growth areas, along with their phytochemical characters. In 2012-2013, a survey was performed with this purpose. In Sicily, the surveys brought to the individuation of 23 accessions of H. perforatum, H. perfoliatum, H. pubescens, H. tetrapterum and H. calycinum; many others have added, coming from the central part of Italy or from collections of Italian Botanical Gardens. The seeds have been cultivated, whereas the flowers obtained from the in situ collections were extracted in ethanol, that allowed a first evaluation of their content in hypericins, pseudohypericin and hyperforin. To date, 49 accessions have been evaluated, 34 are presently cultivated and 18 (11 from Sicily) submitted to chemical analysis; their content in active principles has revealed a high level of variability among species, whereas the intraspecific variability level was much lower. Among the plants obtained by seeds, some H. perforatum accessions seem especially interesting, in that they have shown an interesting habitus (small size and/or hanging down aspect), that possibly allows to exploit them as ornamental plants.
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