Valorizzazione e gestione partecipata delle torri costiere nella borgata di Mondello a Palermo

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The paper aims at enquiring the topic of coastal fortifications in Sicily, and particularly the ones that still exist along the coast of Palermo. Built in the second half of the 16th century by order of the viceroy Giovanni de Vega on the whole coast of Sicily, these fortifications were used as watchtowers against enemy invasions and as sighting posts for ensuring the safety of the population. Most were used up to the first half of the 19th century but now lie in a completely neglected state. Several regeneration policies have tried to restore the traditional role of the watchtowers, but none has succeeded so far. Starting from the case of Palermo and the two still existing watchtowers in the seaside borough of Mondello, the paper reflects on the implementation of new valuation systems that stem from participatory management processes. An intriguing participatory process in actually taking place in Mondello right now, involving both public and private actors, with the goals of both increasing tourist flows and regenerating the corehistoric area that grew around the Norman watchtowers. The process is still in progress, but thoughtprovoking outcomes can already be expected.
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