Valorization of low value fisheries species in Sicily (Italy), by realization of functional food: a case study of high technological readiness level

Concetta Maria Messina, Rosaria Arena, Gioacchino Fazio, Andrea Santulli, Maria Morghese, Mariano Randazzo, Simona Manuguerra

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The growing demand for fish products of safe and local origin and the need to reduce fishing ontarget species, requires continuous diversification in the seafood industry, to meet the needs ofconsumers. One solution is represented by the use of surplus species of local fisheries, of littlecommercial value and often ignored by the consumer, which, if subjected to new preservation andprocessing methodologies, allow to create new product categories, which open up new marketopportunities. In our study, we setup and applied, on some local surplus fisheries species fromwestern Sicily, some processing technologies, aimed to valorize and extend the shelf life of fishproducts: the cold smoking with addition of natural antioxidants and the salting-drying, with lowsalt content. The cold smoking process was applied on fillets of the species Coryphaena hippurus,a surplus seasonal species. The process demonstrated to be effective in extend the shelf-life andameliorate some sensorial aspects of quality. The salting-drying process was applied on thespecies Spicara smaris, after the setup of a protocol aimed to reduce the sodium content of theprocessed product. For this purpose, the sodium chloride was partially replaced with potassiumchloride, during the salting phase. The partial replacement seems to be the best way to reducethe sodium content; both salts, in fact, have similar properties, the potassium, in addition, does notseem to be correlated with the onset of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases like the sodium.This allows to obtain a product which can be considered a functional food, intended also forconsumers that suffer of hypertension. Both processes are in advanced phase of technologicalreadiness level (TRL8) since have been tested also in a real environment through involvement ofproducers and consumers in the research project.Projects: “Biotechnologie Marine vecteur d’innovation et qualité” BioVecQ IEVP-2007–2013 Cod PS1.3_08; Strategic Use of Competitiveness towards Consolidating the Economic -Sustainability of the european Seafood Sector SUCCESS-HORIZON 2020-Grant n° 635188
Lingua originaleEnglish
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2016


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