Valorisation, exploitation et musealisation : technologies innovantes pour les biens retrouvés/Valorizzazione, fruizione e musealizzazione: tecnologie innovative per i beni ritrovati

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The term conservation process means a sequence of operations designed to conserve, safeguard and protect an artefact of particular historical and artistic interest or value which requires care if it is to last and be enjoyed. The conservation process can be divided into three stages: the knowl- edge stage, the conservation stage and the management stage, which is geared towards the protection, management and correct use of the asset. The latter is constituted by promotion and enjoyment, the aim of which is to integrate the archae- ological asset into the society within which it is located, to exhibit it, to create suitable facilities for the enjoyment of cultural resources and theme-based programmes and itineraries for visitors to relive and learn about archaeological areas. The article presents three case stud- ies which have been the subject of enquiry with regard to reliable planning for the promotion and enjoyment of the ancient contexts analysed.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteArchitecture domestique punique, hellénistique et romaine. Sauvegarde et mise en valeur / Architettura domestica punica, ellenistica e romana. Salvaguardia e valorizzazione
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2014

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