Valore e costo dell’architettura sostenibile

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The biological and ecological improvement of buildings generally requires an higher starting investment than the ordinary one. Nevertheless, the greater initial cost is compensated for by energy saving during utilization stage; moreover, the higher biological and ecological compatibility produces private and public benefits that are reflected upon a greater monetary value of real property. The evaluation of extra construction cost of residential bio-ecologic building in comparison with ordinary building is very important for both private persons that aspire to such a kind of dwelling and public authority to correctly fit incentives and adjust ceiling costs of subsidized and assisted housing. Besides, construction cost is an important design criterion, particularly if it is correlated with the level of ecological and biological quality and the attained energy efficiency. The present contribution deals with the estimative query of evaluation of high ecologic and biologic quality house building extra cost. The evaluation concerns the single house building and the field investigated is new house building; in order to consider architectonic and technical usual practice used to satisfy ordinary house demand more expensive house typologies and aestetical solutions are excluded.
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