VALENTINA MONTAGNA,瓦倫蒂娜的La chambre claire / VALENTINA MONTAGNA, La chambre claire of Valentina

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Valentina Montagna is only 27 years old, twenty-seven which arranged on overlapping rows, compose the page of a calendar, which is the month of February of course, when she was born. And yet in these few years she succeeded in building up a professional career and in developing her own aptitudes in an excellent way, she managed to find her own position in the varied professional world, where very often approximation and superficiality are on greater demand then competence and seriousness. Well grounded on solid values and ideals, she doesn’t let herself to be bewitched by the continuous calls of the mermaids indicating the vagueness of formal solutions connected with the transitory vogues and trends, so much loved and declaimed by the marketing managers, God forbid!Maybe a reading key can be found in her provocative project, How to see nothing where she shows six methods to avoid the sight, like turning off the light at night, dazzling oneself gazing at the sun, drinking gallons of alcohol, or just covering one’s eyes with an open book.
Lingua originaleUndefined/Unknown
Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteNEWGRAPHIC
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2009

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