Uso delle tecniche GNSS a supporto dei rilievidi infortunistica stradale

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In the context of scientific research developed in recent years by DICAM, University of Palermo, atrend that is particularly interesting and multidisciplinary concerning the use of GNSS techniques inNRTK for applications of road accidents.The detections of the information relating to the left road today are conducted with standardizedmode between those of local police; regarding the real relief it is realized with triangulationtechniques, with the aid of manual instrumentation consists casters metrics in plastic or steel wires.The GNSS techniques in NRTK lend themselves well to this type of survey, the high informationcontent and to manage different metadata (maps, coordinates, photographs, details of the accident)that are useful for the detection of claims.This paper reports the experience that has been conducted in teams to aid detection of roadaccidents in the body of the Municipal Police of Palermo using the Topcon GNSS instrumentation,and in particular a GNSS receiver GRS1 equipped with software TopCRASH.The first results are very encouraging and lead to the conclusion that the GNSS in NRTK is ripe forinterdisciplinary applications such as those related to road accident
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