Using System Dynamics to Assess a Web 2.0 Governance Model for Public Service Delivery

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In the last decade Public Administrations (PA) have introduced new governance models to design, implement and deliver public services to citizens. Such models have been also driven by the New Public Management (NPM) movement, which contributed to increase the pressure on PA, of both central governments and communities, to design more citizen-centric oriented services aimed to improve PA outcomes, efficiency and accountability. A key-lever on which PA can act on to reach the above goals is the use of WEB 2.0 technologies, which can enhance a fruitful collaboration between citizens and PA, not only in an ex-post analysis, but also, and in particular, in an ex-ante phase, letting the final users to contribute in the design and implementation strategies of the services to be delivered. In order to assess a Web 2.0 governance model for public service delivery, a Group Model Building session has been conducted with a small group of stakeholders’ representative. A preliminary findings of the GMB session results in a feedback model which can be used as a vehicle to support public decision makers in the design and implementation of new public services.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2011


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