Use of new technique of image based aimed to perspective return

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The diffusion of Image-based 3D modeling techniques, through image-based free, low cost and open source software, have increased drastically in the past few years, especially in Cultural Heritage domain (Architecture, Archeology, Urban planning) [2, 3]. Computer vision techniques use photographs from dataset collection to rapidly build detailed 3D models. The simultaneous applications of different algorithms (MVS), the different techniques of image matching, feature extracting and mesh optimization are inside an active field of research in computer vision. Computer vision techniques - Structure from Motion (SfM)- allow to fulfill detailed 3D models from photos dataset collections. The results are promising: the obtained models are beginning to challenge the precision of laser-based reconstructions. This research investigates the limits and potentialities of 3D models obtained by using image based techniques in Architectural Heritage field, in order to verify the applicability of the method for the perspective return of the solid perspective of the artistic repertoire in my territory. My approach to this challenging problem is to verify the reliability of the 3Dmodels by Autodesk 123D Catch (web-based package). This paper aimed to demonstrate the efficiency of 123D Catch to obtain an accurate 3D model to operate the perspective return of artistic models.
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