Use of leaf and fruit morphometric analysis to identify and classify white mulberry (Morus alba l.) genotypes

Riccardo Lo Bianco, Fabio Mirabella

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Digital image analysis and multivariate data analysis were used in this study to identify a set of leaf and fruit morphometric traits to discriminate white mulberry (Morus alba L.) cultivars. The trial was conducted using three-to five-year-old potted cuttings of several white mulberry cultivars. 32 leaf morphometric descriptors were recorded in 2011 and 2012 from 11 mulberry cultivars using image analysis of scanned leaves, whereas six fruit descriptors were recorded in 2011 from nine mulberry cultivars. Linear discriminant analysis (LDA) was used to identify a subset of measured variables that could discriminate the cultivars in trial. Biplot analysis, followed by cluster analysis, was performed on the discriminant variables to investigate any possible cultivar grouping based on similar morphometric traits. LDA was able to discriminate the 11 cultivars with a canonical function, which included 13 leaf descriptors. Using those 13 descriptors, the Biplot showed that over 84% of the variability could be explained by the first three factors. Clustering of standardized biplot coordinates recognized three groups: the first including ‘Korinne’ and ‘Miura’ with similar leaf angles and apical tooth size; the second including ‘Cattaneo’, ‘Florio’, ‘Kokusò-21’, ‘Kokusò-27’, and ‘Kokusò Rosso’ with similar leaf size and shape; and the third including ‘Ichinose’, ‘Kayrio’, ‘Morettiana’, and ‘Restelli’, with similar leaf margin. Fruit descriptors were fewer and measured on fewer cultivars, yielding smaller discriminatory power than leaf descriptors. Use of leaf morphometric descriptors, along with image and multivariate analysis, proved to be effective for discriminating mulberry cultivars and showed promise for the implementation of a simple and inexpensive characterization and classification tool.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2018

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