Urban Boundaries and Innovative Scenarios

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The New Peripheries section of the Ociam International Comparison Exhibition gatherseighteen panels conceived by different authors invited to define their own view on thetheme of fragility in contexts of marginality. Each proposal declined the theme of theNew Peripheries according to its own original point of view. A collection of differentlooks capable of reading and reinterpreting the conditions in which the suburbs todayfind themselves, able to build a privileged observatory from which to look, observe andscrutinise not only the current conditions of the suburbs, but to glimpse their potentialin the strategic role they can play today in the urban transformation processes of thecity and the territory.The different proposals, each with a different angle, define a kaleidoscopic landscapeconsisting of different future scenarios. The authors’ response to the Ociam InternationalComparison Exhibition, which highlights the particular attention and sensitivity of thescientific and academic community – architects, lecturers, intellectuals, researchers,artists – to the general theme of fragility.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteOCiam. Fragile Landscapes. International Exhibition
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2021


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