UNSUSTAINABLE LIVING. Recovery and reintegration of degraded environments

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Building abusiveness contributed to the progressive worsening of urban conditions and environmental crisis, generating a soil uncontrolled consumption, territory’s exploiting, bigger pollution indexes, besides the absence of building quality, levelling of languages and life models, alteration of recognising and territory belonging values, urban and extra urban landscape levelling. Building abusiveness is clearly a territorial emergency which needs technical owning to formulate sudden and effective intervention strategies. The fight against building abusiveness is still today a challenge for both environment and territory.The present volume investigates the issue of environmental decay determined by building abusiveness and an improper usage of built. The research analyzes methodologies and techniques to solve building and urban problems. Through a critical method it cares about causes and effects of building abusiveness phenomenon under a technical and scientific profile: from documents on disequilibria effects in some particular emergency areas concerning environmental risk, until the deepening of experimental systems to recover and reintegrate decayed contests. This work is addressed to professionals, researchers and environmental recovery experts interested on a technological approach in front of building abusiveness problems. The strategies to fight against decay are in fact studied and experimented by using the technological project and joining processes, as useful instruments to build sustainable development.
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ISBN (stampa)978-88-6055-678-3
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012

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