Un'ipotesi per la cattedrale di Iglesias

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This article focuses on the 3D virtual reconstruction of the first restoration project of the cathedral of San Maria in Iglesias (first half of 16th century). A complex work of renovation of the old medieval temple, which likely was meant to radically transform the presbytery of the church and to replace the previous timber roof truss of the nave with a simple ribbed vaults, as several clues seem to suggest. In the absence of archival data, the virtual reconstruction allowed to verify some hypotheses originated from the observation of material traces, ascribable to the construction phase of the building here analysed. Indirect proofs seem to suggest that a collapse, happened in an unspecified date, interrupted this intervention, giving the chance for the further renovation of the coverage (since the 1570s), with the construction of the current star-shaped rib vaulting of the nave.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2015

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