Unaccompanied minors: a route of childhood along Mediterranean sea

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In the last ten years, Mediterranean sea, seen from the island of Sicily has been a big scenery for the arrival of thousands of people from Africa, in particular from the area of Maghreb (Egypt, Tunisia, etc) and also from the Sub-Saharian area such as Gambia, Guinea, Mali and so on. In particular, Sicily has been and it continues to be abig harbor where people arrive, crossing the Mediterranean and even risking death. So, many Ong’s have met people from whatever age, whatever socio-economic condition, gender and so on who have passed through the Island. The plan of research focuses on the trip of the unaccompanied minors arriving to Sicily: in fact, analyzing themigratory phenomena which have historically characterized the Mediterranean since antiquity to modern era, it can be possible to underlying the exceptional case of minors migrating and leaving from their countries of origin.
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