Una linea che taglia il cielo. Carlo Scarpa a Palermo

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The main thesis of this paper is inspired by a traveling lesson entitled: A look on the hands. Carlo Scarpa at Palazzo Abatellis passing by Steri. This has provided the opportunity to bring out an unspecified warning, to be kept not only in mind, in the relationship between the reality of the hands and the architectural artifacts realized from Carlo Scarpa to Palermo. In an objective sense it is a reference to the spaces that generate the idea of one from path strategy? How does the relationship space change in a logic of interconnection?The essay seeks a possible answer to these questions and reasoning on the strategy of the paths studied by Scarpa in the two interventions carried out in Palermo for the Abatellis and Chiaromonte palace known as the Steri.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2018

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