Una inaspettata biodiversità valutata con la trappola malaise: il caso dei collemboli di Lampedusa

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During a study on entomological biodiversity on Lampedusa isle, focused mainly on aerial fauna, were found several taxa usually belonging to the soil fauna. For monitoring in fact, Malaise traps have been used. These traps are internationally used and recommended for monitoring flying insects. Unexpectedly, even if some other cases are reported in the literature, several typical soil taxa have been found such as springtails, centipedes and carabid beetles.Focus was done on springtails because, they are universally considered good bioindicators and because they were numerically abundant, among the wingless insects, and with different densities compared in the sampled habitats. In the typical arid scrubland of Tabaccara springtails are less abundant than in Forbice Valley, mediterranean scrub with a reforestation Pinus spp.. The specific determination of such specimens and other samples are still in progress. However these data fill the gap on the knowledge of springtails fauna in Lampedusa and can provide important information about the status of its environments.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2013

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