Un programma per lo sviluppo di capacità di progettazione e di valutazione in insegnanti in formazione per la scuola primaria e dell'infanzia

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Teaching design is used by teachers both as a structure and as a guide to action; the design prepares the sequence of education activities, anticipates the organization and as well as the carrying out of events and experiences.The research investigates a teacher training program for developing design and evaluation skills exercised during apprenticeship experience. Specifically, this case study research explores a model for structuring and implementing teaching action, incorporating tutor mediation, researcher reflection and multiple-tools use.Training activities and tools created ad hoc resulted to be effective for increasing the performance of 200 undergraduate students attending the degree course in Primary Education Sciences of Palermo. The results showed an appreciable increase of the designing and evaluating skills in the group of trainee teachers in formation who participated in the internship by use of teaching planning strategies; it was found that communicative interaction and reflective practice were enhanced. As a starting point for understanding teaching practice, the model actually showed complex interaction with theory. Although the findings concern only experimental situations that cannot be generalized, the interventions taken confirmed the efficacy of the procedures used.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteLe emergenze educative della società contemporanea. Progetti e proposte per il cambiamento
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2018

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