Un progetto non realizzato: il Gran Cimitero di Giuseppe Damiani Almeyda. Dai disegni di archivio alla ricostruzione tridimensionale.

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The aim of this study is the reconstruction and analysis of an unrealized project: the Grand Cemetery Giuseppe Damiani Almeyda (1834-1911), from its original drawings, drawn in pencil, ink and watercolor on paper. The project won the gold medal in both in the First National of Fine Arts in Florence, in 1861, and in the Exhibition of Fine Arts in Sicily, in 1863. The reconstruction of the three-dimensional model was used to deduce elements of interpretation, such as the modular scheme of the whole composition, and perspective views, shaded or rendered, processed trying to make visible the imagined spaces represented in the original drawings in orthogonal projection. The study was brought forward also thanks to an unpublished manuscript by Giuseppe Damiani Almeyda, the "Memory Illustrative of the academic project for a capital city" (reported in the footnotes with references by the acronym MIPACC) which describes, in great details, the organization of the entire complex and dimensional description of some areas, very useful for the reconstruction of the complex modular system in palms and Sicilian canes.
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