Un percorso del fare 4 : verso una rinnovata cultura tecnologica

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The architects of all times, have taken care, programmed and designed the territory in its functional and aesthetic aspects but sometimes we would reasonably wonder if they had always done their job properly. The architect proposed himself as the 'director' of the transformations of the city and the territory, but we are not sure he has always acted coherently towards the environment and the context. This book collects some reflections on technology as an applied science, on building technology as a science of construction and on the transformation processes of the thought into educational and productive activities in order to have a greater diffusion of a way of studying and thinking that could be useful to create conscious architects who are now more needed.We believe that the process of building and manipulating the land should always be a noble and responsible act, choosing and using those techniques and technologies that offer sustainable solutions. With every action the architect must always ask himself whether the consequences will justify his actions. Nowadays, in order to be aesthetes and technicians of their own time, every actor, director or coordinator of transformations 'must' keep themselves away from ambitions or useless constructions. They have to act in every circumstance with criteria and responsible judgement, also by rediscovering materials and elements, techniques and technologies often recognized as obsolete by our time.The purpose of this book originates from disciplinary analyses that focus, with a new awareness, on the "Territory of Architecture" and its modifications. This is the next challenge, because the mistakes can become new 'horrors' of our era and can be exposed to the judgment of those who will suffer their effects. We strongly believe in a 'renewed' technology combined with the canonical innovation that could solve the intolerances of our environment on the common practice.Be less “masons”, be more “mechanics”.
Lingua originaleItalian
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ISBN (stampa)978-88-99981-86-0; 978-88-99981-90-7
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2020

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