Un nuovo campionatore per la misura della perdita di suolo in parcelle attrezzate

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Plot soil loss measurements need the knowledge of the weight of the soilmaterial delivered at the plot lower end.The Sparacia experimental area is equipped for measuring plot soil loss. Therunoff and associated sediments are intercepted by a gutter placed along thelower end of the plot and collected into a storage system consisting of tanks. Useof a new sampler for measuring the sediment collected into the tanks is proposed.The sampler is a brass cylinder of known diameter with a gate valve locatedat its end section. Infixing sampler and closing the valve allow to extract a columnrepresentative of the turbid suspension collected into the tank. To validate the sampler, experiments were carried out using both cylinderswith a diameter equal to 20 cm and a tank having a quasi-square horizontal crosssectionwith an area equal to 1 m2.The measurements demonstrated a good reliability of the sampler to reproducethe actual concentration of the suspension. Only for lowest concentrationvalues a small corrective factor needs for taking into account an imperfection ofthe valve closure system.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012

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