Un metodo basato su misure distribuite in bassa tensione per il calcolo del load flow nelle smart grids

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The increasing presence of distributed generation at both medium-voltage and low-voltage (LV) levels is leading to important changes in distribution networks, where advanced systems are needed for grids monitoring, control and management. In this context, the GMEE research group of University of Palermo, in collaboration with ISSIA-CNR and STMicroelectronics, has been working for some years on the development of proper measurement and communication systems for smart distribution grids applications. In this framework, this paper presents a novel method for load flow analysis in MV radial distribution networks, which is based on distributed power measurements at LV level. The paper summarizes the proposed method implementation and some and some results obtained on the distribution network of Ustica Island.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2016

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