Ubertino da Corleone

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Originally from Corleone, Ubertino was a Friar minor, highly qualified, and accustomed to discuss with popes and kings. His rhetorical skill was highly regarded by Giovanni Boccaccio, who met him in Naples. He studied theology in London, Oxford, and Paris, and was a lecturer in Pisa and Padua. Back in Sicily, he was appointed royal chaplain and in 1372 participated in peace negotiations between Federico IV, King of Sicily, and Giovanna I, Queen of Naples. In Avignon he met Gregorio XI, who appointed him bishop of Corycus, in the Kingdom of Cilicia; then he was bishop of Patti and Lipari. In 1396 he went to Aragon to mediate between Bonifacio IX, Roman pope, and Benedetto XIII, Avignon pope. Afterwards, he became bishop of Gaeta until his death.
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