Type-2 Fuzzy Control of a Bioreactor

Mose' Galluzzo, Bartolomeo Cosenza

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Abstract—In this paper the control of a bioprocess usingan adaptive type-2 fuzzy logic controller is proposed.The process is concerned with the aerobic alcoholicfermentation for the growth of Saccharomyces Cerevisiaea n d i s characterized by nonlinearity and parameteruncertainty. Three type-2 fuzzy controllers heve beendeveloped and tested by simulation: a simple type-2fuzzy logic controller with 49 rules; a type-2 fuzzyneuro-predictive controller (T2FNPC); a t y p e -2 selftuningfuzzy controller ( T2STFC). The T2FNPCcombines the capability of the type-2 fuzzy logic tohandle uncertainties, with the ability of predictivecontrol to predict future plant performance making useof a neural network model of the non linear system. Inthe T2STFC the output scaling factor is adjusted on-lineby fuzzy rules according to the current trend of thecontrolled process. T h e advantage of the proposedadaptive algorithms is to greatly decrease the number ofrules needed for the control reducing the computationalload and at same time assuring a robust control.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2009

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