Tutela e restauri in Sicilia e in Calabria nella prima metà del Novecento : istituzioni, protagonisti e interventi

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The book “Protection and restoration in Sicily and Calabria in the first half of the Twentieth century Institutions, actors and actions”, collects the results of a study financed by the Fondo Finalizzato alla Ricerca of the University of Palermo, in the year 2012-2013.Operators and monuments are the protagonists of this varied history that has as a common territory that had been the Magna Grecia, with its medieval stratifications. To search attended various scholars, also from different institutions and universities and for the protection and preservation of historical and architectural heritage of Sicily and Calabria.The methodology of the study was addressed to the increase of knowledge on the historical and architectural heritage received, starting with an analysis of the same artifacts and adding to these the study of the archives at the various superintendents and Archives Central State, Direzione Generale Antichità e Belle Arti in Rome.Many of the conservation protagonists in Sicily and Calabria, in the first half of the Twentieth century, working simultaneously in the two regions, as, for example, supervisors F. Valenti, P. Orsi, A. Salinas or officials as A. Vitale, Lojacono P. and S. Agati. Our investigation reveals little-known players such as E. Miraglia and D. Marrone. Emerges as well, in the address of the interventions, the role of G. Giovannoni, a prominent figure in the field of the restoration time.Another element of union between Sicily and Calabria was the earthquake that struck the two regions, in 1908, which caused damage to many historical and architectural heritage. In general, the seismic events, become the pretext for heavier works of demolition, in general, of the look baroque and neoclassical monuments.These works would be used to bring out, or rather reconstruct the original presumed medieval appearance. And yet, after the restoration is desired that the historical architecture must be able to withstand new seismic events, and therefore it was always hoped the use of hidden reinforced concrete between the old and new walls.The volume “Protection and restoration in Sicily and Calabria in the first half of the Twentieth century Institutions, actors and actions”, contains three types of categories of essays: one concerns the history of conservation and restoration, a relation to the presentation of interventions for the protection and restoration of medieval architecture, and the third of interventions for the protection of archaeological and accommodation in urban areas.As researched this is also a contribution that increases the knowledge and thus the possibility of better preserving the physicality of our monuments to ensure life to their life and therefore to ensure a better quality of our existence.
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