Turismo relazionale. Logiche di sviluppo reticolare ed etica dell'ospitalità per le aziende turistiche di piccola dimensione

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The book considers the concept of "relational tourism", in other words it suggests a tourist perspective regarding the combination of relationships in which, on one hand suppliers (entrepreneurs) develop a depth attitude of sincere and shared hospitality beyond a mere orientaion to the sale, in order to retrieve the feeling to let customers rediscover the beauty and the the peculiarity of historical, artistic, folkloristic, gastronomic and especially human patrimony in terms of goods and traditions; on the other hand, users (tourists) invert the usual role of final consumers to become pratagonists, value-generators actively involved into the life-cycle of the tourist offer. In the business definition process an important role is played even by the citiziens of the local community.
Lingua originaleItalian
EditoreGiuffrè Editore
ISBN (stampa)88-14-11165-0
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2004

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