Trasformazioni urbane tra criticità irrisolte e sfide moderne

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Once again a reflection on the city is at the center of the attention of many scholars. How could it be otherwise? An object of study so important, so changeable and so decisive for the life of human beings, the city is an organism in continuous transformation: its birth and its evolution in various historical periods have always been discussed, placing emphasis on urbanization, its growth and development, on memory and on the traces of humanity and culture that can be seen in it. Cities are all different, but if we consider just one of them, it will be perceived differently by each of its users. Is there the ideal one, that is the best of the cities? Does happiness always depend on income? What indicators can ensure that a certain city is ideal and guarantee conditions of livability or what aspects make it unlivable and have the effect of sounding an alarm to those who live and manage them? These apparently banal questions actually require articulated answers, both because we are referring to an area characterized by information asymmetries, and because the multiple visions of individuals come into play.
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