Trasformazioni urbane e accessibilità ai monumenti: il caso della Vucciria di Palermo – Urban trasformation and accessibility to historical Buildings: the case of the Vucciria of Palermo

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Street transformations are processes common to many historical cities and define new relationships within the built environment. In large urban centres it is natural to rectify road axes and level them out. This desire to render the new connections between the parts more fluid, generates changes in road elevation, access and building heights. In Palermo, for example, at different times and in different parts of the city, urban transformations have changed the appearance of the roads in order to adapt them to the transforma- tion processes and to the new requirements of practicability and access. In particular, an analysis of the road profiles of significant stretches of Via Maqueda, Via Roma and part of the Loggia district of Palermo, involved in the I-ACCESS Interregg Italy-Malta Project, bring to light those critical points accentuated by the processes of urban trans- formation that have been stratified over the centuries. Part of the work that is being car- ried out within the I-ACCESS Project, evaluates new solutions of cultural and physical accessibility for historical structures and space, with a methodological approach that, starting from the conservation of the transformations, adds contemporary elements that complement the pre-existing ones, whilst maintaining respect for them.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteL’accessibilità nel patrimonio architettonico Approcci ed esperienze tra tecnologia e restauro. Accessibility in Architectural Heritage. Approaches and experiences beetween technology and restauration.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2021

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