Transcriptome analysis of pistacia vera inflorescence buds in bearing and non-bearing shoots reveals the molecular mechanism causing premature flower bud abscission

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The alteration of heavy (“ON/bearing”) and light (“OFF/non-bearing”) yield in pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) has been reported to result from the abscission of inflorescence buds on high yielding trees during the summer, but the regulatory mechanisms involved in this bud abscission remain unclear. The analysis provides insights into the transcript changes between inflorescence buds on bearing and non-bearing shoots, that we indicated as “ON” and “OFF”, and shed light on the molecular mechanisms causing premature inflorescence bud abscission in the pistachio cultivar “Bianca” which can be related to the alternate bearing behavior. In this study, a transcriptome analysis was performed in inflorescence buds of “ON” and “OFF” shoots. A total of 14,330 differentially expressed genes (DEGs), most of which are involved in sugar metabolism, plant hormone pathways, secondary metabolism and oxidative stress pathway, were identified. Our results shed light on the molecular mechanisms underlying inflorescence bud abscission in pistachio and we proposed a hypothetical model behind the molecular mechanism causing this abscission in “ON” shoots. Results highlighted how changes in genes expressed in nutrient pathways (carbohydrates and mineral elements) in pistachio “ON” vs. “OFF” inflorescence buds triggers a cascade of events involving trehalose-6-phosphate and target of rapamycin (TOR) signaling, SnRK1 complex, hormones, polyamines and ROS which end, through programmed cell death and autophagy phenomena, with the abscission of inflorescence buds. This is the first study reporting gene expression profiling of the fate of “ON” and “OFF” inflorescence buds associated with the alternate bearing in the pistachio.
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