Traduzione e ideologia nella svolta culturale dei Translation Studies. Una rassegna

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Many recent studies in the translation field focused their interest on the influence of ideology in translation, stressing the appropriative aspect of the translation act. As pointed out by some studies, the whole translation process reveals the translator’s ideology: every translator’s choice is a voluntary selection act that reveals the context surrounding him, as well as his own culture and ideology.Providing a general overview on the relationship between translation and ideology, this study offers a closer view (into the wide field covered by Translation Studies and proposes a research report of the presence of ideology in the translation debate. Moving from the positions of the target-oriented Descriptive Translation Studies and from the cultural turn of Translation Studies, the essay explores firstly the role of ideology in Even-Zohar’s Polisystem Theory and in Gideon Toury’s concept of Norms and focuses then its attention on the Manipulation School, with a special attention to André Lefevere and Lawrence Venuti’s positions and their successful effort to reveal the exercise of ideology in the translation practice.
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Volumevol. II, n. 1, 2012
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012

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