Tra norme e convenzioni. Ipotesi sul senso letterale

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The paper aims to analyze the concept of literal meaning with particular reference to the role it plays in the theoretical framework of Law theory. Te notion of literal meaning has raised a debate involving disciplinary heterogeneous fgures: legal theorists, semioticians andphilosophers of language are among the main protagonists in the unceasing process of rethinking that has this concept as its object of investigation. Te work of François Recanati, including research covered in Literal Meaning (2004), has increased the importance and value of many related issues. In particular, the relationship between literal meaning and conventions has become a major theme of essential investigation. In fact, a common practice has become that of presenting literal meanings as stable conventional meanings. Te purpose of my paper is twofold: frst, to discuss and explore some consequences of this particular way of conceiving literal meanings; second, to begin to clarify the concept of convention by showing some of the limits of its application in linguistics. Finally, in the concluding section, I will argue for a normative dimension of literal meaning by distinguishing between norms and conventions
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteConvenzioni e convenzionalismo
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