Toward an update of the structural model in Italian submerged areas: contributions from the EMODnet Geology Project

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The European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODNet) Project aims at the collection of as many existing data as possible on European Seas to be represented on digital maps at the 1:250,000 scale, accessible via web through a dedicated portal. It is articulated into different Lots concerning Bathymetry, Geology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Habitats, Human activities.The Geology Lot is realized by a Consortium in which the Geological Survey of Italy is partner. EMODnet Geology requires the compilation of a number of layers subdivided into Work Packages (WP), referring to seafloor sediments grainsize, sedimentation rates, Quaternary geology, pre-Quaternary geology and stratigraphy, coastal behavior, geological events (earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides), mineral resources. The Geological Survey of Italy is WP Leader for geological events and, in agreement with other partners, has included tsunamis, tectonics and fluid emissions among the features to be represented.The compilation of several layers (particularly tectonics and volcanoes) suggested the possibility, based on the wealth of data acquired in the last decades and the significant improvement in instrument resolution achieved, to elaborate an updated structural model for the Italian submerged areas, in agreement with the model established on land.Data represented in the last published version of the structural model (CNR - Structural model of Italy, 1983) have been updated and implemented by data and results obtained in the frame of the ongoing Italian National Geological Mapping Project (CARG), as well as by additional data collected by different national research institutions within other projects. The integration of all available tectonic lineaments with the outcomes elaborated for EMODnet-Geology (such as the map of submarine volcanoes) has led to the identification of the structural elements that represent the basic components for an updated and more complete structural model.
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