Tocopherol, fatty acid and phytosterol content in seeds of nine wild taxa ofSicilian Brassica (Cruciferae)

Anna Scialabba, Ali Said Faqi, Bellani, Faqi, Salvini

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The purpose of this study was to determine tocopherol (Toc), fatty acid and phytosterol content in dry seeds of nine wildtaxa of SicilianBrassicasect.Brassica.Analyses were performed by gas chromatography (GC)-mass spectroscopy (MS).The biochemical analysis of dry seeds showed that in the nine taxa examined,α- andγ-Toc were the major isomers,δ-Toc was present in traces andβ-Toc was never found. All taxa had a similar fatty acid composition with C 16:0 (357.2 mgkg−1DW), C 18:1 (393.94 mg kg−1DW) and C 22:1 (618.29 mg kg−1DW) acids present in higher amount. Unsaturatedfatty acids (52.5–66.5%) were more abundant than saturated (33.5–47.5%) ones relative to the total fatty acids. Moreover,sitosterol was the most abundant (61.7–69.6%) of all phytosterols in all species and subspecies, followed by brassicasteroland campesterol at 16.0–19.3% and 11.9–20.7%, respectively. Total Toc content and the relative percentage of singleisoforms were useful to discriminate seeds ofB. incana,B. macrocarpa,B. rupestrisgroup andB. villosagroup. On the basisof these results,B. villosasubsp.villosa,B. villosasubsp.bivoniana,B. villosasubsp.drepanensisandB. villosasubsp.tineican be ascribed to theB. villosagroup. These taxa, having the highest T-Toc,γ-Toc and phytosterol contents, arepotentially the most bioactive ones, and could, therefore, be exploited in breeding programmes to develop genotypes withputative positive effects on human health.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2010

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