Three Times in One: Leisure, Fandom, and Sacred.

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This paper aims to address the issue of Fandom and, in particular, activities connected with it and derived from it, which are one of the possible practices through which at present (but not only) the leisure time is spent. Among the objects that often generate fandom there are the so-called cultural products, such as TV series, manga, online role-playing games etc. Those who have a big passion for these products (people named fans) often choose to allocate a non-negligible part of their leisure time using the product itself or carrying out activities connected with it (these include: meetings, market-exhibitions, conventions, cosplay, collecting, fanart, fanfiction, and so on). Then, through this work we are going to deal with the issue related to fandom practices and to meanings connected to them, highlighting the points of contact with the concept of «sacred» (Durkheim É., 1895 trad. it. 2008). Moreover, the theoretical orientation on which rests this article consists also by the Cultural Studies, with particular reference to Media, Fandom, and Games Studies.
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