Thermal NDE of thick GRP panels by means of a Pulse Modulated Lock-In Thermography technique

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This work describes the development and implementation of an infrared thermal NDE procedure for the evaluation of subsurface defects. The approach is called Pulse-Modulated Lock-In Thermography (PMLT) and is based on the analysis of the frequency response of the measured temperature and comparison with the carrier frequencies launched by the external heat delivering source. The heat deposited on the object is in particular modulated as a train of square waves. This is easily achieved by periodically shuttering the heat source. The temperature is then sampled throughout thedeposition of a few square waves. A lock-in algorithm is then implemented able to selectively filter out components at the main carrier frequencies of the heating signal and evaluate the phase information. Defected areas at different depths can be marked based on phase contrast, by using data from a single experiment as in Pulsed-Phase Thermography. An artificially defected thick GRP panel typical of naval monolithic hull structures, is investigated to validate the proposed technique. Experimental data have confirmed the potentials of PMLT as a flexible IR NDT approach, and its ability to be implemented by means of low cost heating and IR equipments.
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