Theoretical construct, method and working tool of the "preventive restoration". The electronic book for the prearranged maintenance of architectural heritage

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A restoration may constitute a positive moment to guarantee the conservation, transmission and a compatible use of an historical architecture, but it is often the result of a long and guilty omission of care, attesting a lack of interest in the architectural heritage we are late forced to heal with extensive and invasive interventions that, in most cases, could be prevented. Clear maintenance programs and a correct and well-planned preventive action could be sufficient to avoid unexpected interventions when it is too late; such simple concepts - apparently shared by everyone - however, remain relegated to a level of brainy attitudes or protocols that do not produce any advantage in terms of sustainability. This contribution develops by recalling the historical roots of prevention, highlighting the relevance of maintenance and, finally, showing the results of a research project conceived and launched in 2008, as part of L.I.R.B.A. Laboratorio di Indagini e Restauro dei Beni Architettonici (University of Palermo).
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteMetodi e strumenti per la prevenzione programmata. Proceeding of the International Conference Preventive and Planned Conservation
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2016

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