The Stagnone of Marsala lagoon

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The Stagnone of Marsala is an oligotrophic lagoon situated on the westerncoast of Sicily. The area has been under study since the mid-nineteenthcentury. Research has focused on its physiographic, chemical-physical,biological, ecological features and, particularly, on submerged vegetation. Itsmain biotic component, a meadow of Posidonia oceanica, is distributed amongpeculiar reef formations inside and outside the lagoon, which are extremelyinteresting from an ecological and environmental point of view. The seagrassgrows near to its thermal and salinity tolerance level in the inner lagoon, whereit is partially replaced by Cymodocea nodosa and Caulerpa prolifera meadows.Algal assemblages are characterised by both attached and/or unattachedseaweeds that accumulate in areas of different extension, where they remainlying freely and slowly rolling on the seabed. Over the past few years, as aresult of the global climate change, a noticeable reduction in the lagoonbiodiversity has occurred due to decreased water exchange, and an increase inboth confinement and temperature. Therefore, a consistent, suitable and well organised monitoring plan should be developed for the protection and therecovery of the Stagnone of Marsala lagoon.
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