The Sirocco's chamber of Micciulla manor in Palermo. A bioclimatic archetype symbol of legality and civil redemption

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The Sirocco’ Chamber in Micciulla manor is one of more than thirty examples of a forerunner hypogeum passive cooling system, which spread in Palermo between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Artificial caves dug under or near the palermitan mansion where the rich families took refuge to escape the high summer temperatures, often made unbearable by the hot African Sirocco wind. Among all, the Sirocco’ Chamber in Micciulla manor is perhaps the best known not only for its particular and unique "open-air" structure, but also and above all for the historical past linked to it.This contribution intends to retrace the most significant phases of the history of this asset: the casual discovery of the natural cave and a qanat inside a calcarenite pit, the periods of complete abandonment and those of great interest on the part of the owners - Jesuit fathers, Holy Office, local nobility - who succeeded in the ownership of the manor; and then the years of illegality and decay, under the mafia control and the years of redemption thanks to the work of brave men, first of all the judge Giovanni Falcone who made the Micciulla manor and the Sirocco’ Chamber to this pertinent, the first asset confiscated from the mafia.Today the manor hosts a Scout base managed by the Agesci association to which the asset has been assigned. The young volunteers, despite the continuous acts of intimidation by local criminals, have recovered the entire area from the degradation, returning it to its original beauty and taking care of its preservation and maintenance. Structural recovery interventions made by the Superintendency for Cultural Heritage, have allowed to deliver the Sirocco’ Chamber to public use.
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