The scientific status of qualitative

Francesca Giannone, Anna Maria Ferraro

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This work is focused on the Scientific Status of Qualitative. In our opinions, it constitutes the broadest level our work can be organised into, the most general epistemological frame, within which the specific spheres of application and of research take on a more comprehensive meaning and a more correct capacity of explication. The paradigm of complessity represents, in fact, both at theoretical-epistemological and methodological level, a fundamental reference point in tackling the issue of psychology in a more appropriate way. It, starting from a comprehensive analytical review of the paradigm of “classical” science and of the principles and tools of the experimental method (Morin, 1983; Ceruti, 1986), has outlined a new reference frame for scientific investigation, in which the issues attaining to human sciences, the elusive place of the “qualitative” (identity, representation, imaginations, dreams, relations) can reassemble into a more general discourse on science (Giannone, Lo Verso, 1994, 1998).
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2009


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