The role of mediterranean fruit tree orchards and vineyards in maintaining the traditional agricultural landscape

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The Mediterranean area represents one of the most suitable and diversifiedenvironments for horticultural crops, being this propriety well expressed in thecommonly accepted definition of “Mediterranean cultivated garden”. In Italy, fruitcrops have been in the past introduced and expanded in different environmentsdepending on the species and adaptability to the physiographic characteristics of theregions. The climate and the diversity of environmental contexts, the specificity ofsoils, the plasticity of the cultivated genotypes, have allowed a tight and typicalrelationship among land and farmers. Since the past centuries olive and fruitorchards, vineyards and Citrus plantations have represented the typicity of the Italianrural landscape. The physiognomy of tree cropping systems has been changed rapidlystarting from half of the past century owing to the introduction of new geneticresources, the change in the concepts of quality, the modernization and intensificationof the agronomical techniques, resulting in loss of environmental and biologicaldiversity. Nonetheless, some historic fruit orchards and vineyards have survived. Theresearch is focused: a) on the recognition and mapping of the traditional landscapes offruit crops in two representative Mediterranean regions; b) on the identification oftheir typological traits; c) on the definition of their environmental and technicalsustainability based on an interdisciplinary methodology. Through a multi-criterialanalysis it was possible to recognize and measure the sustainability of these croppingmodels and their ecological function, turning into preservation of environmentalresources, environmental quality and quality of life. The study also underlined thecrucial role of the traditional agricultural landscapes in the maintenance of localidentity, history and economy. By representing a cultural heritage, traditional agriculturallandscapes and traditional farming might justify preservation and valorisationactions.
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