The probability that $x^m$ and $y^n$ commute in a compact group

Francesco Russo, Karl H. Hofmann

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    In a recent article [K.H. Hofmann and F.G. Russo, The probability that $x$ and $y$ commute in a compact group, Math. Proc. Cambridge Phil. Soc., to appear] we calculated for a compact group $G$the probability $d(G)$ that two randomly picked elements $x, y\in G$ satisfy $xy=yx$, and we discussed the remarkableconsequences on the structure of $G$ which follow from theassumption that $d(G)$ is positive. In this note we consider two natural numbers $m$ and $n$and the probabilty $d_{m,n}(G)$ that for two randomly selectedelements $x, y\in G$ the relation $x^my^n=y^nx^m$ holds.The situation is more complicated whenever $n,m>1$. If $G$ is a compact Lie group and ifits identity component $G_0$ is abelian, then it followsreadily that $d_{m,n}(G)$ is positive. We show here thatthe following condition suffices for the converse to holdin an arbitrary compact group $G$:``For any nonopen closed subgroup $H$ of $G$,the sets $\{g\in G: g^k\in H\}$ for both $k=m$and $k=n$ have Haar measure $0$''. Indeed we show that if a compact group $G$ satisfies this conditionand if $d_{m,n}(G)>0$, then the identity component of $G$ is abelian.
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    Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2013

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